Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Last year I stated an online course, Studying Under the Masters – Portraits. Here is the Intro and part one and I also got part two done. I started part 3, but then skipped ahead to part four. Then I got super busy, then Christmas, etc etc and have only now had time to go back to the lessons.  So I am still working on the first Master, which is Vincent Van Gogh, part 3 was to make a sculpture of him.
This is how I made mine..
I began with a wire armature, I filled the head with tin foil.

I then added more tin foil to pad out the general shape.

I then wrapped the shape with masking tape, this holds the foil in night and tight and makes it feel more solid.

Next I made a batch of air drying clay. The recipe I use can be found HERE.


I began by moulding a basic shape of head and shoulders. This was where I got to last year, it was put aside to dry out and I just never got back to it..

So I finally had time to make more clay, and I started adding the features..

I set it aside for a while, took some photos and decided he needed more clay in certain areas.

I left him to dry out, then added more clay, because this wet layer is being added to a dry layer you need to add a little white glue first, so the new layer will stick. i refined the features and made his hat brim thicker.


I then painted his face with Fresco Chalk Acrylics 

I then worked on his hat and coat.

He doesn’t really look like Vincent, but that’s ok. I had fun making him and I kinda like him.


Finally I added a coat of Satin Glaze , this finishes him off nicely.


Darcy x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Calendar Challenge 2015 : March

Hi everyone, it's calendar link up time again. Fabulous entries last month from everyone, amazing and very clever pages. If you missed any pop back and follow the links from HERE. 

So the rules for March were 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique -  use a candle or wax crayon as a resist
3. Add a title, using letters or words cut from a magazine/leaflet in a ransom style.
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from March 1st 2015

Here is my page at the start, it is the Girl with a Pearl Earring. To me is is dark and dull, but I do like her face. 

First I used a dark brown mixed with a little black to blank out the title. Then I used a Lin Brown stencil and a wax crayon to create my resist. 

I then painted rays of colour around her head, using a variety of blues and greens. once the paint was dry i rubbed it gently with a baby wipe and the paint that is sitting over the wax crayon just lifted away. To be honest I was a little disappointed, it was a much fainter pattern that I had oped for.. maybe I didn't use enough wax?

As I said I really liked her face, so decided to leave it for the most part, but to leave it entirely would have made it look out of place next to the paint. So taking ink colours that were very similar to the shades on the face, I stamped this tiny motif from my new stamp set, EDY11 all over her. 

I then outlined her with a black pen and doodled over the lines. 

Along the sides I stamped my new chevron stamp from EDY14. My new stamps are available NOW from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist. 

and at the top I added the leaf background stamp from EDY12

At the bottom I stamped some of the leaves and stems from the above sets. All the stamps were coloured in using Fibralo pens. 

I painted around the grid on the bottom page using blues and greens like the top page. 

I then painted some tissue paper, and stamped the chevron over that. I cut them out carefully and glued them in random places on the bottom grid. 

I also added the doodled stitching to match the doodling on her face. 

Now to add text.. Rule 3 says to add words or letters cut from magazines in a ransom style. 

I glued on the letters and words and then outlined them with black and white paint. 

For the planner page, I stamped out these numbers and days of the week from HPXT06, this is a new stamp and oh so useful for this challenge. These stamps are available NOW  from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist. 

The days of the week  and the numbers were all mounted onto black paper and then glued to the grid. 

Finally I stamped the March text from this set.. HPXT07,  another fabulous new stamp. 

 and the bottom grid is finished. 

The whole calendar page is now done.. Really pleased with this one, about half way through I did not like it at all, but then suddenly it all came together. 

Hope you like it, don't forget to link up your March pages and go visit each other. 

Before you do that take a note of the rules for next month.. 

Rules for April. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique -  use drips and splatters
3. Add - a repeating shape or word as many times as possible
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from April 1st 2015

Saturday, 28 February 2015

A few Minis

Over on the PaperArtsy blog this fortnight we are running a challenge on the topic of Miniature Art. Check out the intro post HERE.  Leandra has some awesome samples to show you and hopefully inspire you.
I decided to dig out a few of my mini projects to show you, hope these give you some ideas too.
First up some mini albums, I have loads of these in various stages of completion.. a lot more are unfinished than finished lol Here we have a square one in a tin for my son’s 21st. The one at the front has pages of all different shapes and is filled with photos from a music gig. The one at the back is super cute and is handbag shaped… and is still empty.

Next an even smaller mini, created using origami folding, and housed in an origami box. Then a cool mini made with small envelopes, this has lots of flaps that fold out. The one at the front is made with round beer mats. I filled that one with photos of a trip to Scotland, see the tartan ribbon and the mini mini bottle of whiskey.

These are Christmas mini. The back one is held together with elastic that goes through the pages and hooks around the candy canes. he front one is a ‘Squash’ book and is quite large but folds down into a 4x4 chunky square.

These are mini canvasses, 3 joined together by creating metal hooks which are pushed into the wood frames.

Being small does not mean no details, there is lots going on with these 3.

What about this little doodah.. it is a small metal tin with a glass lid, only about 2 inches big.

A friend sent me a ‘wishes’ folding kit, they are strips of paper that you fold into little stars. I filled a whole jar with them. The mini tags are colour prompts. I painted and stencilled all the tags, both sides.. and then added a typed colour to each one. When you are stuck for what colours to use, you are meant to flick through these and pick out 3 colours at random.

How about a mini teapot, the main part of this is about 4 inches square.

How about paper jewellery, here is a tiny brooch that I made to match a specific outfit.

april 029
Gift boxes often need to be tiny, this box was about 2 x 3, so cute and the die cut flowers and bird finished it off perfectly.

These are super small, just tickets.. it is amazing how much art you can fit on a ticket.

More jewellery, how about a domino bracelet, this one is decorated with Zettiology stamps and UTEE.

I made these tiny houses for a swap, they are no bigger than 3 inches.

Things on keyrings.. First up a stumpwork embroidery of a thistle, this is about 2 inches big. Then a little felted person with metal charm arms and legs, and finally the key fob inspired by a blog post by France Papillion from a couple years ago.


Hope that has given you more ideas, come over to the PaperArtsy blog, you have until 5pm on March 8th to join in.
Darcy x