Sunday, 5 July 2015

Launch Week .. night one:Hot Picks

Hi everyone, tonight sees the start of new product release week over on the PaperArtsy blog. This evening we have brand new Hot Picks stamps for you, there are lots of collaged images, layered, vintaged and distressed. 

We have text...

Clock images...

Vintage cameras..

Faces and borders...

Beautiful flowers...


More flowers and butterflies...

Great nautical elements..

Something for everyone..

So pop over to the PaperArtsy blog now to see what can be done with these stamps. We have some wonderful examples, these have been made by awesome guests. There is also a video which you won't want to miss. 

Behind the scenes a lot of hard work has been done to ensure that these new stamps are in shops ready for you to order. So go along to your favourite PaperArtsy retailer as they are available from them now. 

Darcy x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Calendar Challenge - July

Hello friends, here we are again, time for another calendar page and link up. 
A reminder of the rules for July.. 
1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Use the bumped method of stencilling. 
3. Add – your face, a photo or drawing.. If you really cant bear to use your own face then cut one from a magazine... But no face stamps!
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from July 1st 2015

Here is how my page started. 

After a thin coat of gel medium I added a coat of white gesso, just leaving the central image. I also whited out the face area. 

I started colouring the background by blending a couple of colours. Next i filled up an acrylic block with month stamps, i used these with a brown ink to stamp randomly in the background. 

I added some contrasting colours and a little stencilling. 

More stencilling, this time with an alphabet stencil. 

Now for the bumping technique. The bottom layer of the arrows isturquoise, the stencil is then shifted or bumped slightly and the top layer of white is added. It is a very effective technique and gives a great drop shadow. 

I added a little more black with the side of a credit card. 

I recreated most of these steps on the bottom half of the calendar. 

I stamped the month and days and added the numbers with a black posca pen. 

Now back to the top, i sketched my face into the space that I had left. 

Added this quote as it seemed fitting.. 

And here is the top half finished.. 

And the bottom half.. 

I really like this page, one of my faves for sure.. 

So here are the rules for next month.. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Use found objects to stamp with
3. Add – a silhouette
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from August 1st 2015

Here is the link up for July. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Angel Blooms

I loved the process of the 'Basket of Dreams' canvas, (by Tracy Easson) so I decided to make another one. I think I will probably give this to one of my nieces. I have been promising them all a canvas, so this is the first one done.. 

Quick sketch onto canvas..

This time I painted the background first, then I stamped it with a text stamp from ESN15 and white paint. 

I added the texture to her wings and covered them with Treasure Gold.  in several colours. I also roughly cut some flowers from patterned paper and glued those down as the background for the posy. 

Next I worked on the face and hair, and then the dress. 

Love how this face turned out considering it is so small and fiddly to get the shading right. 

Using ELB15, I stamped little dots all over the background and added WOW embossing powder to them. I also added some lines of colour using a credit card and an old discontinued blue fresco from PaperArtsy. 

I wanted to add dimensional flowers. Paper doesn't always hold its shape.. so I glued lots of bits of patterned paper to aluminium foil. Once dry I die cut them all, layered them up and added a brad. Then I was able to bend them into shape. 

Using a Faber Castell Pitt pen I added some stalks, then poked holes in the canvas so that I could tie on some ric rac. 

I die cut these letters, painted them and added Treasure Gold.

and here she is all finished..

Here you can see how amazing the shine is from the Treasure Gold on the wings and bodice. 

Darcy x

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Basket of Dreams

Here in the North East we are somewhat deprived when it comes to craft shops and classes.. however we do have one very popular venue. Sue Tucker is the owner,creator and organizer extraordinaire of the Wynyard Workshops. You can see the FB community page HERE.  In the past there have been teachers such as Finnabair, Andy Skinner, France Papillon to name but a few. 

This past weekend, a new teacher came to town. The very gorgeous and giggly Tracy Easson came down all the way from Fife, and I was lucky to grab a place on this very popular workshop. 

Pop and see Tracy's blog HERE. 

This is the first time I had been to a workshop up here, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I had met  3 of the students before, so at least there were some familiar faces. For each workshop, there is a closed FB group, so that everyone can chat and get to know each other before the class. Sue is very organized and keeps everyone up to speed within the group, making sure everyone has a supplies list and knows where to go. 

So, on Saturday, bright and early I went off to Wynyard. 

This is the canvas that Tracy was teaching on the day. (this one is Tracy's own canvas)

There were lots of nervous people once Tracy started to explain that we would be drawing faces, but she was so calm and clear that soon everyone was measuring and drawing.. 

Here are my practice pieces. 

This took most of the morning, just before lunch we transferred our girlies onto a large canvas. 
Here are Karen and Gemma, who kept me entertained all day. 

We popped out to have some lunch and Julie and Andrea came too. 

Then back to class.. 

We began by painting the face and hair. 

Then onto the textured areas.  

Here I am busy working on my wings and waistcoat 

Once the waistcoat and wings were done, we filled in and shaded the dress and background. 

These are scrolls of book text and patterned paper, these are the dreams that go into the basket. 

This is how mine looked by the end of the day, and here I am with the lovely Tracy. It really was such a pleasure to meet her. 

Today I got around to unpacking my bags and adding some finishing touches to my canvas. During the day we had used metallic pan pastels, I am not keen that they need a fixative... in fact they mostly rubbed off on the inside of my bag on the way home.. So i wiped away the remaining pan pastel and replaced it with Treasure Gold in several colours. 

Next I outlined most pieces with a brown stabilo pencil and then added words from a poem in brown copic multiliner. I also added words in white posca pen. 

The background was a bit too yellow for me so I added some Fresco paint in Beach Hut, just smearing it on with a finger. I then added some dangly hearts again with the brown and white pens. 

I then popped my dream scrolls back into the basket. 

I usually add titles to journal pages and canvasses, and I felt this one needed a title too. This was printed onto printable canvas, cut out ...outlined with brown pen.. and glued on with matte gel. 

and here she is, all done. her name is Flora. 

Huge thanks to Tracy and Sue and everyone who attended on the day. We had such a good time, and everyone went home, having drawn a face... some for the first time. 

Darcy x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Doncaster Dome

hi everyone.. sorry it's been a while since I blogged properly but a summer cold has had me in its grip and it has been grim... way too many tissues used. I am definitely on the mend now though. 

Sunday  was the Stamp Magic show at Doncaster, by Wednesday I was worrying that I wouldn't make it.. however by Saturday most of the symptoms had gone, just leaving me with a cough... any wildlife films requiring a sealion stunt double and I am your woman, I have the bark down good. 

So I was very relieved to be able to go over to the show for a few hours. I arrived about 9.20am, just in time to set my samples out, get my apron on and get started. 

This was my first sample done on the day.. lots of brayering and background stamping ..

Next I moved onto this... the night before I had soaked some muslin in grunge paste, this was draped over a large tag and left to dry overnight... I only just remembered to grab it and pack it in my bag on the morning!

it was painted, then brushed with Treasure Gold... the other side was stencilled and stamped, finally the flowers,leaves and small tag were added. 

I adore this texture and will be using this technique again. 

My third sample was created with the help of a lovely little girl who came to chat. She chose the colours, and the hearts, and even the placement of the hearts. She asked lots of questions and was delightful... I was so impressed with her knowledge of colour mixing. I am guessing she was about 7. I heard all about her knitting, making bags, boys at school and the names of her friends lol

By then it was 1pm and the very gorgeous Sue Carrington arrived to take over on the demo desk. While I had been feeling so much better I wasn't prepared for how quickly I would get tired, so she was a very welcome sight. 

I had some lunch and then a wander around the show, a rare treat really as usually i don't get much time to go exploring. 

I picked up some stencils.. 

Crackle paste, silicone moulds and some skulls from  MDF man Rob. 

This is a limited edition Treasure Gold, look how lush and rich that colour is, could not resist. 

However my most exciting purchase was this.. Powertex liquid.. I am very excited to try this out.. I don't know a lot about it, so if you have questions then best go to their website. 

After leaving Doncaster I was able to catch up with some family, including my brother in law who is visiting from Oz.. and then it was home and in my pjs. 

It was so good to spend time with the PA team again, and with Lesley, Ruth, Sue, Julie and everyone else who popped by the stand to chat. I am afraid I wasn't at my best lol but  it is always a pleasure to see you all. 

Darcy x