Thursday, 27 November 2014

Almost Caught Up

Here are 5 more DLP pages, at this time I am now only 7 behind.. not bad considering I was about 23 behind lol

Wk 29. Create a wish list from images. 

Wk 32. Add a fortune cookie..

Wk 33. Use underpaper.. I collaged the whole double page with ripped up underpaper, and it reminded me of a Rosina Wachtmeister background. So I drew some of her puppets and collaged them over the top. 

Wk. 44. Add leaves..

Wk. 45. Add a tab.. think about this one, perhaps look at it in the mirror. 

Darcy x

Monday, 24 November 2014

Pop Art Planes

My friend and fellow artist Jay, drew out this face. Instead of adding lots of facial details he has just picked out the planes of the face,arms and hair. 

Planes show the high and low areas, ie; the areas that stick out and are therefore highlighted, and the lower areas that are flat or sunken in and are in shadow

I wanted to create a face using funky colours that you would not normally associate with skin, and this is the ideal way. Jay very kindly allowed me to use his sketch.

This was drawn out very lightly in pencil ( I darkened the photo so you can see it, but actually the pencil lines are very light)

I am using a combination of the Spring/Summer Ltd Edition set and the new Autumn/Winter Ltd Edition set from Letraset Promarkers. These 2 provided me with a great selection of colours with which to colour this face. 

I started with Mustard Green. 

Next I added Pebble Blue and Wild Orchid. 

Next I added Summer Sun. 

Now for a bold splash of Sunset. 

Next I filled in the face with Cloud Blue and started adding Verdigris to the hair. 

I finished the hair with Peacock Green. 

The flower was done with Pink Pearl and Silver Lining. The eyes,brows and inside of the flower were done with Storm Cloud, and the shadows under the hands were done with Firebrick. 

Almost done, at this point I just added white pen to the eyes and bottom lip. 

It looked a little unfinished, so I took a Letraset Fineliner 0.3mm, and outlined the central features and the main shapes. Note I did not outline the changes of colour within a shape. 

This latest set of colours are just lovely, look out for them at your local Promarker retailer. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Painted Bow Video

At the Stamp Magic Show in Doncaster I demoed this painted bow, those lovely people watching asked if I would make a video.. so here it is. 

The video is also being hosted on the PaperArtsy youtube channel, and you can see more photos over on their blog. 

Darcy x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

7 Day Challenge just 2 days..

I am a member of Jennibellie's ning, and as such I get notifications of new challenges each month. I saw this month that there was a 7 day challenge, but I just didn't have time to follow the rules of the challenge properly. 

The idea was to work on 7 backgrounds, all at once, adding a layer to each page each day...Because I was pushed for time I did 3 layers on day one and 4 layers on day 2. 

Each day(session) we were to choose an element and add it to each page. We were free to use whatever elements we wanted. 

I started with 7 pieces of old scrapbooking paper, each a different size. 

Session 1. Add paint. I brayered, scraped and dabbed paint onto the various pages. 

Session 2. Add pre-stamped tissue paper. 

Session 3. I added stencilling. 

Session 4. Add collage elements, I used stamped scraps and magazine images

Session 5. I added stamping, using ink and paint.
Session 6. I added more scraped paint

Session 7. I added blended Portfolios. 

This is how the pages ended up. These first 2 I am not keen on, really, too uhmm, not sure, bitty, dark, disjointed? whatever, just not keen on these 2. 

These 2 are ok, definitely better than the first 2. 

These last 3 are my favourites of the batch. 

So those are my 7 backgrounds done for the challenge. Following on from this, another challenge was set.. to create 3 entire journal pages over 7 days. Again working on each page a little bit each day.  See how Jenni introduces the 2nd challenge HERE. 

When I looked into the challenge I saw the pages had been started on new blank paper, but I have these 7 backgrounds and I am wanting to do something with them. 

So I am taking my 3 favourite backgrounds and I will turn them into journal pages to join in with the 2nd part of the challenge. 


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ink blots and roses

A couple more DLP pages.. 

wk 39. Add drips and splatters..

Wk 43. Sketch what you see.. Pages in a Rennie Mackintosh book. 


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bit more DLP

Another 3 quick catch up pages, basically just adding colour and texture to pages really.. 

week. 28. Add a Tiny Photo

week. 34. Numbers that relate to your week. 

week 37. Use a white pen. 

I am enjoying these more now that I am not worried about making them great or perfect pages. I just want to fill the book, and it is quite cathartic just slapping paint down and 'smashing' in images and ephemera. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Winner of the Metallic markers from THIS POST...

As the first winner did not get in touch I have had to redraw, the winning number is.. 

Marie. Please get in touch with your details, these will be passed to Letraset and your prize will be dispatched directly from them. 

Darcy x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

More DLP Catching up..

I have done a few more pages.. only 14 behind now.. lol

wk 23. What are you grateful for this week. 

Lots of paint scraping, stencilling and stamping. The flowers and arrows are stamped onto painted deli paper. 

wk 35. Add a face. 

A painted background with added drips. The face is a version of a Thangka drawing, they are very complicated and highly geometric. it is my ambition to one day do a workshop in how to do these properly. 

wk 36. Use black and white

As the title implies it is black and white, the sections are drawing of dominoes. 

wk 41. use polka dots

What else but washi tape... 

wk 42. Add stars. 

Lots of stamped stars, the very small ones and the text are both from my own range of stamps EDY08

These pages are rapidly turning into quick doodled pages rather than full on art pages, but that is ok. It is still filling up the book with fun pages. 

Darcy x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Playing Catch-up

I have been so busy i got way behind with my DLP pages, however I am determined to finish it. So here are a few older pages that I have just got around to doing. 

So the oldest one I need to finish was Week 16. Add a cardboard food packet. Thanks to MOH for the cardboard letters. 

I started by adding a sandwich menu to my page then adding sprays and paints. The border is stamped with a hand carved border stamp. 

I then added the quote.. "laughter is brightest where food is best"

Next up is week 19, Document a Rak from you to someone else. I bought some Fairy Power Spray for my friend Gillian, as she couldn't find any near her. 

she's a very sparkly fairy.. 

Week 24 was to add book pages. I glued down some pages and then painted over then, Finally I added a reading quote. 

Week 25 saw us adding hearts all over the page. This is my page with the flap closed.. 

and the flap opened.. the hearts are drawn, die cut and stamped.. 

Week 26. Add a bible verse or a line from a book... I did a line from a film instead. 

Week 30 required us to create a 'smash' page.. add anything and everything...

So there we have 6 pages caught up on... I shall aim to have a few more done soon. 

Darcy x

Monday, 27 October 2014

Holly and Lights

Hi everyone, for this month's Letraset make I have gone all festive with an early Christmas card. 

I started by roughly sketching out some holly leaf shapes, this is a really easy shape to draw but you could cut one from an old card to draw around, or you could stamp your leaves. I used Letraset fineliners in both 0.3 and 0.5mm to outline the leaves. I also added in 3 tear drop fairy lights. 

I pulled out several greens and blue-greens in my Letraset Promarkers. 

Next I started to colour each holly leaf. Do each half a different shade to add interest, and don't forget the centre vein . 

Here you can see all the leaves done in various shades. Each is done with a darker shade next to the outside edge with a lighter shade blended over the darker one. The red berries are each done with two shades aswell.

Now for a little shimmer, colour the fairy lights using Letraset Metallic markers. 

To create a fineliner to colour the string, I added a Letraset fine nib to a brown Promarker, this instantly makes it a fineliner.. 

Next I scribbled on a craft mat with a green metallic marker, I spritzed with water and picked up the ink on a brush. I used this to fill in the background. 

I finished the background by running a black metallic marker around the edges. 

Now to add the details, I went back to my 0.3mm black fineliners and added patterns to all the leaves. 

I mounted the coloured piece to a white card blank , and added a stamped greeting. 

As a final touch i used a grey Promarker to lightly outline everything, this just makes them stand out a little from the green background. 

I have a pack of Metallic markers to give away.. 

To enter please do TWO things for me. Go to my post on the letraset blog and leave a comment AND add your name to the linky below.