Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Metal butterfly

So last week, my newest rubber stamps had their official online launch. On that night I just showed examples of what could be made, this week i will show my 4 samples in step by step blog posts. 

Today is the metal butterfly. 

I started with an 8x8 grey/white board , I painted a thin layer of Snowflake paint over the board and dried that. Then I then scribbled and blended all over the board using Fibralo pens. You can blend with a damp finger, a damp brush or a damp baby wipe. Note I say damp, not wet.. as these pens are very juicy you don't need much extra moisture at all. 

Next I scribbled some fibralos onto a craft mat, added a little water, then dipped the side of my ruler into the ink. I added this in criss cross lines over the board. 

Once these lines are dry, I splattered some clean water over the board, laid a piece of paper towel over the board and gently pressed. this absorbs the reactivated ink and leaves these great white spots. 

I then used the dry stone wall stamp and the flock of birds stamp from EDY10. I used the wall top and bottom of the board and the birds in the centre using a dark blue ink pad. 

finally to finish the background I added some grunge paste around the outer edge, once dry I coloured this with Treasure Gold. 

I love using this as an edging medium..

Now to create the focal butterfly. 

I cut my butterfly shapes from metal card. Top wings, bottom wings and a body piece. 

I painted each piece with nougat paint, then stamped with flowers and text and coloured in with more Fibralo pens. 

The top wings were stamped with the heart flower from EDY10 and the body was stamped with the feather from EDY09

I turned the metal card over and resting on a dense foam piece, I used a teflon tool to create the veins in the wings. 

The bottom wings were stamped with the pointy leaf and stem from the spikey flower on EDY09. I then cut around the 'leaf' ends. 

The body is stamped with the feather and one of the text-filled leaves. Again I turned it over and worked the lines with a teflon tool. 

i painted another piece of metal card then stamped the leaf and stem again from EDY09. 

I worked into the back of them with a teflon tool,and the carefully cut them out. 

Here are all my butterfly pieces, etched and curved, ready to attach to the board. 

First I attached the bottom wings, using large blobs of matte gel to support the wings and keep them 3d. 

next i added the top wings, and used matte gel in the same way to support the curves. 

Finally I added the body and the antennae. 

It needed a title of some sort, so using my old typewriter I typed out this phrase. 

So there it is, all finished. I am so pleased with this piece. From the Fibralo background to the moulded metal card, it all works great together.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the process and that I have shown how versatile the stamps are. .. that they don't have to be just used exactly as they are, but can be used in parts, combined, cut apart..... and used to create all kinds of things. 

I will be back later in the week with the step by step instructions for my decorated clock. 

Darcy x

Monday, 1 September 2014


Here is the winner of my marker giveaway from THIS POST, drawn at random, the winner is..

Deborah - Anne Moore..

Please get in touch with your details. Your prize will be sent out directly from Letraset. 

Darcy x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Official Launch Night

eeeee! how exciting! As you may know my newest stamps have been released and are already in the shops, however tonight is the official online launch night. 

Come on over to the PaperArtsy blog and see them , read about my design process along with some colourful samples by myself and a secret guest. 

Here are sneaks of my samples, come over and see them in full. 

Pop back here next week as I will have some more blog posts with full step by step photos and instructions on how I made my samples. 

Darcy x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Limited Edition Markers.

Are you still enjoying sunshine? thankfully here it is a little cooler now, though at times the heat still becomes unbearable... I find my self reaching for scraps of paper to waft myself cool....

What I needed of course is a pretty fan to do the job, so I made one. 

This is absolutely not my invention, there are instructions for these all over the internet and youtube. 

I wanted mine to be light and delicate, so I decided to use Deli paper. I wasn't sure how Letraset promarkers would react to the shiny dry waxed side, so I played around for a while and discovered they work great. They don't dry immediately like they do on more porous surfaces, this made them easy to blend. 

So I started by taking 2 sheets of deli paper, and using Memento ink in black, I stamped all over the sheets with some flower stamps. {sorry I have no idea who these stamps are by, they are pretty old}

I then used the new limited edition Promarkers to colour and blend. 

You will recognize some of these colours from other collections, but due to popular demand by Promarker fans these colours are now available in the Promarker bullet nib....Out of all the ranges this is my favourite nib, so I am pleased these colours have been added. 

Once my flowers were all coloured in, I glued a second, blank, piece of deli paper to the back to add a little strength, then I added a light coat of matte medium to the front. This again adds a little strength. 

Next I folded the papers, concertina style, and glued the 2 sheets together, making one larger piece. 

Folded in half and tied with a piece of thread that has been coloured with one of the new markers. 

Now I can shape the fan, glueing together the middle folds. 

I cut 2 lengths of greyboard and coloured them with 2 of the new browns. 

I stuck these onto the fan edges . 

Once opened it looks like this.. it worked great, but needed something to hold the handle parts together. 

Finally i punched a small hole in one of the greyboard sticks and added a piece of ribbon and 2 beads, these were all coloured with the markers. 

The ribbon and beads hold the fan closed when not in use, but also hold the handle part together when the fan is being used. 

Pretty and delicate and works perfectly.....ahhh cool breeze!

How are you keeping cool this summer? if you would like to make one of these, I have a set of the new markers to give away. 

To be in with a chance of winning you must do TWO THINGS FOR ME

1. go to my post on the Letraset blog and leave a comment...CLICK HERE

2. Add your name to the linky below. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Journal Challenge

Today starts the final month of journal challenges, and I have created a Tree of Knowledge for you. Come over and see how I made it, HERE on the PaperArtsy blog. 

I love those apples... so darn cute!

There are lots of techniques and hidden text, come over and join in.. 

Darcy x

Friday, 22 August 2014

Bouquet of Flowers

A while back I showed a teaser of this card that I made for my Mum, she has just moved into a new house so this is a bouquet of flowers that won't wilt. 

Remember this is made with brand new stamps, these are available from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer. 

I started by creating my bouquet on heavy weight smoothy card. I stamped the flowers onto scrap paper aswell, then I used these scrap as masks so that I could overlap the images. 

I then created the vase. I folded a piece of paper and drew an S shape, an s with a big bottom... I cut out through both layers and then opened this out. I used this as a template to cut a vase from smoothy card. 

First I painted it very lightly with watery South Pacific. I then covered the vase using the text stamps. Next I used matte gel through a stencil. I wanted to create texture but have it almost transparent, I couldn't do that with texture paste. 

Once the glue was dry, I painted the vase again. I used Inky Pool, and made sure that I cleaned the paint off the glue areas. I then added some white braid. 

I tried it up against the flowers for size and to help with placement of the final images. 

I started to add colour, some flowers are painted directly onto the card and others are stamped onto painted tissue. These were cut out and glued on, this just adds some subtle dimension. 

I folded a piece of Chatsworth patterned paper, and trimmed it in the same shape as the couquet piece, leaving it slightly larger. 

I added this tiny tag to the vase..

Inside I attached a piece of paper and decorated it a little with the birds and the text stamps. 

Here is the finished card, I painted the areas under the vase to look like a table top, just to ground the image and stop it looking like its floating in mid air. 

A little close up. 

I hope that has inspired you, cards don't have to have straight edges!

Darcy x