Monday, 22 September 2014

Canvas tags

These canvas tags are so quick and easy to make. If you are anything like me you save the tags from new clothes, especially the ones that come with fabric tags.. now you can make your own. 

Canvas on a roll is fairly cheap and can be bought from art shops, you can also find sheets of canvas sometimes in the pound/dollar shop. 

Cut your tags, either by hand or using a die cutting machine. 

Take a selection of markers and add some random scribbles, or more deliberate patterns... up to you..

Put a little rubbing alcohol into a small pray bottle, and spray your canvas tags. the ink will disperse, if you tilt the tags the ink will run. You can leave it to dry or if you feel there is too much ink then blot some away with a paper towel.  You are left with these lovely softly blended backgrounds. 

Distress the edges

Then add your favourite text stamps. I used Hot Picks XT03

A bit more stamping..

Final bit of distressing and some eyelets added. I then coloured the 'brass' eyelets with my markers to match the tags. 

You could use these on a card, or a scrapbook page, or just add to a gift. 

I have a pack of Vibrant Tones to give away. To be in with a chance of winning please do the following TWO things.

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Bag Journal/Fairy Alpha

I have decided to fill my Bag Journal ,from the previous post, with fairies. A few years ago I decided to do a fairy alphabet, chose a letter at random..P..and did a poppy fairy. I got no further. 

So here is attempt 2. 

I began by adding gesso to part of the first bag. I love the kraft paper of the bag but it does dull the colour of paint, so adding gesso first will keep the paint colours true. 

I then added some stamped tissue paper. 

I then started layering up various greens. 

Next I pulled out lots of painted tissue, and other painted papers. I stamped one of my leaves, and cut them out. 

I glued them around the page..

 This time I am not picking random letters but starting at the beginning, so this is A for Acorn. I want to use lots of techniques and mediums in this journal, so I have started with Deli paper. I sketched out the fairy and blocked in the base colours with promarkers. 

Another layer of markers. I have found they blend really well on Deli paper. 

All coloured in and cut out. 

I added out Acorn boy to the page of leaves and finished off with touches of shading with graphite pencil and white pen. 

I love his acorn hat and acorn teapot!

Here is how the whole page looks. 

and how the page looks against the rest of the bags. I think it will be a very colourful happy journal. 

Darcy x

Monday, 15 September 2014

Paper Bag Journal

Last week on The Artistic Biker's ustream show, hosted by Blade, we, the viewers were challenged to make an art journal from paper bags. This is the journal that I made. 

I gathered some bags.... it would appear I have quite a few paper bags. 

Small ones

medium ones

and large ones

I have lots of other paper bags too, I think I may have a paper bag problem lol

I chose 8 of different sizes and colours and added duck tape to the edges, this was to strengthen then so I could add holes. 

NB. The tape I used is DUCK tape not duct tape, I buy mine from my local Asda store where they have a great selection of colours and patterns at £3 per roll. 

I punched holes at 2cm intervals using a cropadile. 

Then I waxed some black crochet cotton and started to stitch the bag pages together, at this point I had no idea what kind of covers I wanted to make, so I just stitched loosely, knowing I would need to stitch again once I decided on covers. 

A few days later i opted to just use corrugated cardboard from a large box as my covers. I strengthened both covers with strips of Duck Tape.  The covers measure approx 13 by 16 inches. The bags inside are various sizes. 


and back

I then punched holes in the covers to match the bags and I stitched the whole lot together. 

Once open you can see that the journal opens fully and the bags lay flat. 

Here is a quick video flip through of the finished journal... now all I have to do is fill it with artwork!!!

Hope you like it, why not recycle your paper bags and make a journal too. 

Darcy x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Patchwork Money Box

This evening I have a project over on the PaperArtsy blog. We all need a place to save up for new pencils and paints and stamps right, so I decorated this money box which is from the MDF man. 

I love how it turned out, especially the metal flowers made with one of my new stamps. EDY10. 

and this butterfly made with matte gel is just the cutest.. 

Pop over to the PaperArtsy blog and see how it all came together. 

Darcy x

Friday, 12 September 2014

Bum Bag

Here is the 4th of my launch night samples. As I was off camping for the weekend I knew I would need something small but secure , big enough for my purse, phone and camera..

What else but a bum bag...

First off I had to find a pattern, that in itself was harder than I thought, for some reason there just aren't a lot of free bum bag/hip bag patterns around.. who knew?

Eventually I found one, but again I came up against a wall. The pattern was in German. After much translating and copying and pasting, and working out which bits of the pattern were relevant....I could finally begin. 

I cut some heavy weight white cotton, just a little larger than the pattern pieces. 

Next I mixed some Concrete Fresco paint with fabric medium and gave each piece a good even coat. 

My next layer involved a text stencil, this time I used Stone, Elephant and fabric medium

Layer 3. Slightly darker again, using  Elephant and a tiny bit of black Fresco and the fabric medium and the circle stamp from ESN 09. 

I also added the  scratchy lines from ESN10

I then added more black to my mix and stamped the circles from ESN10 This completed the background. 

Next I mixed Turquoise and Slate from JoFYs new limited edition colours, added some fabric medium and then stamped the feather from EDY09

and also the birds from EDY10

Next I used Red Geranium Archival ink to stamp the heart flower from EDY10.

I began to fill in the hearts, using  Blood Orange as the darker shade in the centre. 

Then I added Cherry from the JoFY range. 

I finished off by outlining the hearts with a permanent black pen. 

Now all the pieces were decorated, I let them dry thoroughly and also ironed them on the reverse. Then I was able to trim them to the correct size. 

Following the pattern I started to make the bag. Because the fabric is painted it is a little difficult to manipulate, but not impossible. You can see the bottom section is gathered, this was a challenge because of the stiffer fabric, but again it all worked out ok. 

Finally I added the straps and the buckle. This is the back of the bag. 

and the front..

As you can see it has 3 pockets, all with zips. Making this a really handy little bag. I had so much stuff crammed in here. Camera, phone, purse, toilet tissues, lip balm, mints, band aids. 

The wide top of the bag wraps around the hips perfectly. it was really comfy to carry around. 

I am so pleased with the way it turned out, and of course there is only one like it... It took 2 days to make, 1 to paint the fabric and the 2nd day to stitch it all together. 

If you would like to see the pattern then go to THIS WEBSITE , here you will find the 5 pages of instructions. There are lots of variations within the pattern so you can choose exactly what kind of pockets you need. It was originally a sew-along. The lovely owner of the blog has some great patterns, so go and check them out. 

Darcy x